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Version: v8.x - Umbraco 8

Link Mappers

What is a Link Mapper?#

Link mappers work in a very similar way to value mappers, except that they deal with the internal links between pages that are stored within content.

Link mappers look for properties that may contain links to other pages on the site (e.g an Umbraco.ContentPicker).

When content is approved, the link mappers will find all the links on a page and pass them to Translation Manager.

Translation Manager will then update any relative links for one language site, so that they point to the equivalent page on the translated language site.


If you have a link on your English site's homepage that points to home-en/blogs, when the site is approved for the Welsh language version the link mapper will find the link, so Translation Manager will update the link in the Welsh homepage to point to home-cy/blog.

Link mapping means you can have multiple language sites with internal links, and have these links maintained as part of the translation process.