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Version: v8.x - Umbraco 8

4. Send to Translate

Send to Translate#

Once your set is created you can send your content for translation.

In your source language site:

  • Right click on the node you want to have translated.
  • Select "Send to Translate" from the menu.

Send to Translation Dialog#

Translation Menu

  • Choose which languages you want the content to be translated into.
  • Select whether or not you want to include child content.
  • Click send.

Choose a provider#

Depending on your setup, you will now see the choose a Connector option. Select XLIFF Connector.


The XLIFF connector has no options you can change. Other connectors might give you options here that allow you to change how a job is sent to a translation service

  • Click Send

Translation Manager will now create a translation job for your translated content.